Facebook ads cost - The Truth About It !

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Facebook ads cost ?

Done correctly , Facebook PPC advertising will not cost you a dime. Facebook for business

Zip. Zero. Nothing ! Facebook for business

Because this is done correctly the traffic that is generated must be converted into leads , sales and profits. If not, then you missed the boat and will have to adjust their campaigns until there is a positive return on investment ( ROI).Facebook ads cost

Here are some proven techniques to greatly reduce or completely eliminate any Facebook ads cost and turn a profit almost immediately.facebook ads cost
Facebook Ads Cost Per Click

The first thing you want to include advertising on Facebook is not free. There is a " Facebook ads cost per click " from the beginning , but the goal is to turn these tastes clicks , leads, sales and profits.

Facebook advertising is a direct response surcharge similar to posting the YouTube video ads or Google AdWords promoted. Facebook for business However, you have total control over how much you are willing to spend the day to day or even throughout the campaign .Facebook ads cost

You can calculate the cost of an advertisement Facebook per click ( CPC ) during the setup process of setting up your ads. Just enter different selection criteria and continue the process until the last step - trading price . Facebook video ads At this point , the system will present an award presentations suggest other ads compete in the same niche .Facebook ads cost

When your ad is currently running on your network Facebook ads cost is incurred when a potential customer actually clicks on your ad to get more information. Facebook video ads Therefore, it can be very targeted prospects , if you do it correctly .Facebook ads cost
Facebook Ads Cost - Two Options

In addition to the pay per click model , you can choose to be charged per 1,000 ad impressions . Facebook video ads So instead of paying a fixed price per click, you may be charged depending on the number of times your ad only appears on the network, regardless of how many or how few potential customers actually click on your ad.facebook ads cost

So which is best? It depends, and the only way to know for sure is to test the two models to determine which ads Facebook cheapest cost possible. Reduce your advertising costs and increase your profits .Facebook video ads
ROI is zero ads cost Facebook

The main goal of any marketing campaign is direct response spend less than you earn, which produces a positive return on investment.facebook ads cost

To produce a positive return on investment, you need to keep not only the cost per click or per impression, but the actual number of the tracks , tastes , sales and profits generated in the final phase of his campaign.facebook video ads

For example , if you pay $ 0.50 per click and it takes an average of 10 clicks to get a new track ... you are looking at a cost of U.S. $ 5.00 per head.facebook video ads

How many tracks you need to make a profit?

Only you can answer this question based on the rate of "conversion for sale " currently enjoys your company. Make sense ? So while you might be able to make a sale of 10 tracks (10 % conversion rate of leads to sales ) , Facebook video ads while the marketing process could make a sale in the 5 child ( 20% conversion ) . Facebook for business

Once you have your conversion rate at hand,Facebook video ads then it is very easy to crunch the numbers to determine the actual cost of an ad Facebook, if necessary.facebook ads cost
Facebook Ads cost Example

Suppose you have a $ 50 product for sale. There is a fee of $ 25, and the history that has enjoyed a solid conversion rate of 5 % . That is 5% of the people who see your offer involves investing in your product.facebook ads cost

5 % of sales 100 125 = 5 x $ 25 = $ profit

Now you have to decide what is a good return on your advertising investment cost that is Facebook . Leave a ROI of 50 % sounds good , leaving us with an advertising budget of only $ 62.50 per 100 clicks ... or $ 0.625 per click. So , what is the most you should be willing to spend. And if you do everything correctly and your advertisement you return as expected , essentially double your money! Facebook for business

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